Monday, 9 May 2016

fruit and veg win Oz champions league ...

An analysis of health and longevity related to diet and lifestyle in Australia has determined that a lack of fruit and vegetables in the diet does more harm than saturated fats and sugary drinks. Obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are all exacerbated by lifestyle choices.

The report defines 'disease burden' as premature death or years "lived" with ill-health and or disability. It concludes that smoking is still the biggest cause of disease burden:

Tobacco was attributed to 9 per cent of disease burden followed by alcohol use at 5.1 per cent, high body mass at 5.5 per cent, physical inactivity at 5 per cent and high blood pressure at 4.9 per cent.

full report at

What to do? Either keep your 'must have' grocery list in your pocket / wallet / purse ... or get an allotment :) (or both).


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