Friday, 13 May 2016

gluten-free diet only recommended for the few

There have been many reports today highlighting the fad of serving gluten-free foods to children, as though gluten is a poison. It isn't, unless you have coeliac disease. More common is wheat intolerance, and people with this condition may have to rely on 'gluten free' flour, because 'wheat free' doesn't advertise!

All flours and processed foods carry risks of elevated glycemic index, especially if refined. It seems all processed foods have slat, fat, sugars added, rather than giving us a choice and adding our own.

Whole foods, fresh foods, raw foods, a variety of foods, and diets that mimic the healthiest examples are the best guides to dietary health for most people. A good diet based on  basic, simple food is not expensive.

And don't believe food corporation adverts ... or research that they sponsor.

Today's report in The Independent newspaper adds a list of top ten diets that work.

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Anonymous said...

beware #diet fads! unprocessed and fresh is still best