Thursday, 30 June 2016

hashtag needed non corporate social media

The very wealthy want ordinary people on zero-hours contracts, mindless, weary, drugged, consumers, in debt and paying them rent for "life" (if you can call it that). They want addicts of corporate "entertainment" and news.

Clearly we need to be noncompliant, but what phrase, better still, what hashtag best describes this?
from corporate to social media

#unplugged is no use, because it is widely used for 'time out', which is a passive rest. Being free and creative is hardly passive - it is an activity.

#NewUrbanAgenda is no use, because it is about policy, which is useful, but says nothing about the independence and will of the individual.

Suggestions please.


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  1. possible hashtags1 July 2016 at 09:28

    #autonomy, #freedom, #selfreliance, #individuality, #consciousness, #education ...

  2. selfy?...not to be confused with selfie...

  3. I fear it would be confused! #conscious is the only single word that comes close. But it is often confused with the state of merely not being asleep!

  4. so, the best hashtag is #awake!


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