Wednesday, 8 June 2016

organic veg with comfrey compost

The compost experiment I described earlier has been successful, apparently. These are the crops , photographed on 26th May, a few weeks after the very cold weather abated. I'll take more photos today (8th June) to add later.
organic potatoes - comfrey compost

The potatoes are Duke of York. I dug the first root yesterday and the crop is good quality and very tasty. They'd be a lot bigger if I waited, but patience is on vacation and I have 6 rows of potatoes altogether  :)

organic broad beans
The broad beans are a long pod variety. I keep my own seed every year and can't recall what they were called.

I cut the tips off the broad beans yesterday,as a few of them had blackfly. The blackfly (and greenfly) only manage to feed off very young tender shoots, so removing the tips is a cure. I sprayed very dilute soap on the tips of the younger beans to deter greenfly.


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Marty Downs said...

Very healthy plants! Your compost is working well!

pete said...

It is. I'll do the same every year. The gooseberries are like golfballs! (the size, not the shape!)

Organic Food said...

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