Friday, 1 July 2016

Horrors! Another warped cartoon by Marty Downs

selfie cartoon satire

Copyright 2016    Marty Downs


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  1. The book in the horror section looks a bit repetitive ... and large print!

    Wallowing in the idea ... I very nearly overlooked the professionalism of the drawing. Is it a tablet, or sketching the outline by hand first?

    Apologies if iffy language. Yours truly has been testing Old Speckled Hen :

  2. I do a pencil drawing first. Then I scan it and redraw it on my Bamboo tablet (now dead). ~~~How many 'hens' did you consume? Beer is a health food..I'm becoming healthy at this very moment. :) Many of my cartoons are on Comicfury. guest artists are now contributing since my brain is now defective.

  3. Lord Douchebag4 July 2016 at 21:07

    My corporation owns the Speckled Hen Brewery in conjunction with Monsanto. I imagine you enjoy the taste of quadglutamate17 and cyclochloride2 that enhances the beverage.

  4. I wondered why there wasn't any weeds in the beer. It tasted much better with hops, and lots of 'em :)

    Your tablet is dead? Treat thyself to an upgrade. Or, if the beer affects you like it does me - paint a 6 feet by 4 feet board with acrylic paint and oils. Good fun, bit an enjoyable mess in my case, due to lack of talent.


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