Monday, 11 July 2016

Soylent, but not green

Soylent food substitute
 Today's news:

 Soylent Is Healthier Than the Average North American Diet in other words, the average American diet is worse than a rehydrated chemical mix.

 Read the article, Marty. I'm sure you will be inspired ...

Soylent food substitute



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  1. Interesting.It sounds like something I'd try but I would never give up eating other things that have some flavor. Soylent once a day maybe. Unless I find out that the Soylent factory is located near a funeral home. :/

  2. Talking of factories. I went to look at our local field of maize yesterday. The weeds are all dying and the maize isn't ... in other words it is genetically modified maize, Roundup-resistant :(

  3. #GMO crops near #Bude :(

  4. #healthyfood New programme to reward patients with discounts for adopting healthy lifestyle healthy food news

    A new health programme will reward patients with - or at risk of developing - cardio-vascular diseases for keeping to a healthy lifestyle.

    A research group including psychologist Andrea Evers has been awarded 2.5 million euros by the Dutch Heart Foundation and the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport.

    Patients can earn points by stopping smoking, for example, or watching their weight, taking lessons at a gym or buying healthy food.

    They will then get a price reduction at large retail chains and on excursions.

  5. health incentive - reward system for recovering patients of cardio-vascular disease


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