Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Guide for the Perplexed - corporate matrix v freedom

A work in progress. And as the goal is wholeness, let's hope that the work never completes ...

corporate matrix v freedom
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corporations, freedom, matrix, wisdom


  1. Douchebagism (Volume 1,paragraph 6,section 3: Money is all and encompassing unto the life fulfilled. Embrace consumerism and televised instruction regarding material possessions required for living and promoting the corporate god. Chemically enhanced nutrition benefits the whole and is good. If you are using an electronic gadget you are already a consumer slave beholding to your corporate master...and we at Douchebag Industries thank you.

  2. You forgot to close your paragraph, you money-obsessed porker! Tell me, your Lardship, can YOU make a camel jump through the eye of a needle?

  3. Great Godfrey...are you using heroin or another opioid enhancement supplied by Douchebag wellness centers to subdue the herd? Camel needle jumping...TA! The easily amused.


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