Monday, 1 August 2016

Broke and Free = paradise

For hundreds of years the landed 'nobles' of Europe stole the produce of their serfs (slaves) and stole land from each other using the 'patriotic' curse to propel their slaves into war:

millions of dead
millions of widows
millions of widowers
millions of orphans
millions of sufferers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and worse … much worse , and no treatment or understanding.
And they no longer even dream of something better.

Since the industrial revolution, the return (annual profit) on agricultural land is so low that extreme wealth has all gone into the monopolisation of property owning (rentiers), industrial production and distribution, and, of course, banking.

The West is less keen on sending us to kill each other since consumerism and rent became the principal means of gaining profit without labour – dead people don't consume and they don't pay rent.

TTIP, written by corporate lawyers, is worming its way into Europe (and the globe). The UK has 'left' Europe (the EU) on a whim. Do we, the people, really know what is involved? Even the politicians concede they haven't the time to read the legislation from Brussels or TTIP.

It seems clear that the very wealthy want us all in zero-hours contracts, eating factory-'farmed' junk, and endlessly watching corporate media.

If United hate City and vice versa (the game featuring a bag of wind) and religious people kill religious people, the very wealthy smile. It all distracts from the ridiculous truth:

We are imprisoned in a system we never voted for.
Sadly, the victims are policing themselves; their own imprisonment.
You know racism is groundless, but Ned the Neanderthal shouts loudest in the bar.

You know consumerism of corporate junk 'food' and corporate media is empty, but Loudmouth the Bully does so, and makes sure everyone hears about it. To acknowledge that she has anything to learn feels threatening. Her alcoholic, symbiotic 'husband' agrees.

You know that all people have baggage due to their history. After 2 world Wars and centuries of oppression, it's hardly surprising. But those born with a silver spoon in their mouth will believe they've earned all their privileges with 6 months work in Daddy's Buy to Enslave business or Mommy's PayDayLoan empire prior to university.

Imagine being nearly broke
imagine being free
and creative
our birthright.

Free to make, and mend
free to cook and blend
free to grow and paint
free to sing, why wait?

Free to spout complete bollocks in good company
no wonder I'm smiling ...


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Broke and Free = #paradise
#PathologicalWealth monopolises property = #ReinventingSlavery through rents.
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Lord Douchebag said...

I say,as long as you freedom lovers pay the Freedom Tax I'm bringing before Parliament I see no problem. An air consumption tax sounds quite fetching as well! Quite.

Grunge Douchebag (thy bastard son) said...

An air consumption tax will hit you, you bag of hot air!!!

Lord Douchebag said...

Great Caesar's ghost! Grunge has escaped from the cellar again. I shall instruct Jeeves to purchase an iron door..and titanium bars for the windows.

Grunge Douchebag (thy bastard son) said...

Windows! What a joke - with your facility for lying you could be working for CityBank - oh, I forgot, you don't have to 'work' for them when you are a board member. You purchase iron doors "father" you'll have to catch me first ...

Lord Douchebag said...

At least you have the sense to appreciate my Lying Facilities located throughout Kensington. These facilities provide needed false assurance to the herd. Though Jeeves may not find you...I suggest that you indulge in liquor or perhaps meth. These enhancements will dull your stupid attempts at living a life not influenced by money and greed. Where did I go wrong with you?..WHERE?

Grunge Douchebag (thy bastard son) said...

Your extra-marital mischief with a servant ensured me a positive mother. Hence I was protected from the drivel you spoke and the insistence that I study A-level Arrogance (and nothing else) at Eton. They didn't know what to do with me, which is ironic, what with them being the teachers. But I knew exactly what I should do with them - record everything they said on my home made mini walkman (A-level electronics), use it for satire (A-level English), and perpetrate mischief on social media (A-level Computer studies). After this MSc (Master of Sarcasm), and BA (Bugger All) and I was ready for a life creative, poverty-stricken fulfilment. Sorry to let you down "father"

Lord Douchebag said...

Your Walkman was built by my factory in Bangladesh. The workers there are paid handsomely. One penny per day as such benefits their needs. Poverty is a thing of joy for those that require it. Embrace this my 'son' and when you are of need...come to way of the servants back entrance..and Jeeves will comfort you.

Grunge Douchebag (thy bastard son) said...

"the servants back entrance" - it's clear you went to a public school

Lord Douchebag said...

One does not attend school when one is rich my son. Some day you will be enlightened to the 'way'!

Kowlijke the Bully said...

the school came to you?

Lord Douchebag said...

My dear Cow, schools..or Training centers as we elite call them,were invented many years ago. My ancestor Archibald Douchebag was among the group which started the Training Centers. They realized that the unwashed populace needed guidance and the will to serve those that have. But they needed a way to identify their future servants. A branding, too painful...ear tags such as used on, too obvious. It was then that Archibald came up with the brilliant idea. Have the herd taught from a young age to over indulge in the letter U in all words. To this day we elite can identify the servitude by simply having them spell a few simple words. Genius is Douchebag...QUITE.

Kowlijke the Bully said...

GeniUs is DoUchebag ! YoU've failed yoUr own test!!

Abby Normal said...

This post has reached the limit of social tolerance. What next?

Nigel said...

Yer all a bunch a old fcuks who doesn't knows sheet. Pokemon go is how to lives yer life. Nigel

GeeHoVahs Witless said...

Taketh thee Lord unto your heart..and tithe unto me as i shall give the Lord thy money..believeth me...amen and amen

pete said...

being broke can be real #freedom. The problem is when those with extreme capital use it to create debt - usually through housing monopoly.

'Capital in the 21st Century' by Thomas Picketty (and a large group of other workers) shows the facts - any established 'society' tends to pour private capital into renting once the expansion of industries has reached its capacity.

pete said...

It is natural to feel less energy when a project is brewing, but we aren't sure exactly what it is.

For many creative people, the unconscious is where the 'art' is born and energy seems to turn inwards (less exuberance, more dreams) while the image is 'under construction.

Self Knowledge meets creativity said...

When energy returns, it's important to know where to direct it. Modern media and advertising is expert at exploiting free-floating exuberance and don't have our best interests at heart. Temporary isolation and relative silence help.