Friday, 19 August 2016

Fear, aggression,hope and trust - excellent video

Please watch (and listen) Ted talks video 

"Summer, 2016: amid populist revolts, clashing resentments and fear, writer Anand Giridharadas doesn't give a talk but reads a letter.

It's from those who have won in this era of change, to those who have, or feel, lost.

 It confesses to ignoring pain until it became anger.

 It chides an idealistic yet remote elite for its behind-closed-doors world-saving and airy, self-serving futurism — for at times worrying more about sending people to Mars than helping them on Earth.

 And it rejects the exclusionary dogmas to which we cling, calling us instead to "dare to commit to the dream of each other."  "


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  1. I sum it all up to overpopulation. But nothing will be done about it..because Holy books demand ignorance..and the herd follows.

  2. Some don't follow, and the numbers are improving. Social media seems a powerful tool for change.

    I suspect all problems stem from fear, ignorance, projection, instincts. It's embarrassing to think of the "things" I've wanted over the years - and didn't really need. LIVE AND LEARN, I hope ... that could be a motto, or even a rallying cry :)


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