Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Olympics junk food taste test - learn to (enjoy) cooking!

There's an entertaining article about food corporations attempting to cash in on the 2016 Olympics, maybe because they believe we're daft enough to think eating advertised, processed, devitalised 'food' in front of the TV will turn US into Olympic athletes by some mysterious process of induction.
fast food

The author is less scathing than me about fast 'food' outlets, probably because they aren't old enough to have seen the victims' health ruined (or worse). So, enjoy the comparatively collective appraisal of recent fast-'food' offerings.
fast junk food

Full story, minus the obvious conclusion - switch off the adverts and cook something better.
junk food

Junk food in Olympic colours! An advertising junkie was quite likely paid to dream this up ...


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  1. Great Hopscotch...this sounds of more left wing, liberal, tree sniffing propaganda. Douchebag Chemical Corp. supplies all the needed supplements due the herd. Our Benzalkonium Chloride has a delightful taste of bovine kumquat... and meets all dietary standards set forth by Douchebag testing labs. Keeping families safe since 1905.

  2. AloeVera Number 1111 August 2016 at 21:48

    Nuts to the Douchebag Empire - cook your own, grow your own, GMO-free, save your own seed, form a co-op. Lard Douchebag will have a brain haemorraggge - if he had a brain. And a heart attack - if he ... yes, you guessed.


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