Tuesday, 15 August 2017

organic grassland deficiency symptoms



Light green colour with yellowing of leaf base, reduced growth and sparse ground cover due to lack of nitrogen.
Made worse by Low or high pH soils. Sandy or light soils (leaching.) Low organic matter. Drought conditions. High rainfall (leaching) or heavy irrigation. Addition or high levels of non-decomposed organic matter/manure (eg straw). Fast growing crops.



Reduced growth and tillering, sometimes attended with purple discoloration.

Made worse by Acidic or very alkaline (calcareaus) soils. Low organic matter. Cold or wet conditions. Crops with a poorly developed root system. Soils with low P reserves. Soils with a high phosphate capacity. Iron rich soils.


Older leaves show tip chloroses and dieback. Diffuse brown blotches disperse on the leaf blade and coalesce to further necrosis.
Made worse by Acidic soils (low pH). Sandy or light soils (leaching). Drought conditions. High rainfall (leaching). or heavy irrigation. Heavy clay (illite) soils. Soils with low K reserves. Magnesium rich soils.





All leaves show an even, yellowgreen chlorosis.
Made worse by Acidic soils. Light, sandy soils (leaching). Low organic matter. Poorly aerated soils (waterlogged soils.) Areas with low industrial emissions.

Where possible, fixing deficiency through organic principles uses less energy, and preserves biodiversity.


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  2. Lord Douchebag (on Trent)15 August 2017 at 20:38

    A heavy dose of Round-up on all grasses and food crop produces extreme health and well being among the herd. The Untied States use it like a religion...and produced the one that is all..Donald Trump..my close and dearest fiend...er..I mean friend.

  3. Trump satire ... so sad it's so close to the truth


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