Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Schools Kill Creativity - the remedy ...

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

e.g. World Class ballerina (incapable of thinking without moving) was nearly labelled 'problem student'. She was one of the very few lucky ones that met a education 'professional' that was awake.


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  1. Here in the U.S. any school in a town of at least 15,000 will have the police at there schools at least 3 times per day to quell violence....the times they are a changin... :(

  2. Taking the pee of Google Corporation on a Google hosted blog! Brave comments sir/madam. Maybe they aren't so bad after all ...

    The thing about Blogger is, it works. In the past I paid a fortune for hosting that was slower, less reliable, with less features. Other 'corporations' could learn from the best of Google (their ethos), but they all suffer from the corporate lawyers' influence ...

  3. We must ensure #education opportunities for all #children in Ireland education news

    We need a strategically-managed approach which should include both serious investment in early childhood education and family support.

    It should also include support from corporate industry, as it is in the interest of this sector to create a well-educated workforce.

    Studies by the ESRI show that schools which could be judged to be more successful, be they public or private, share some common features.

    They are communities with shared beliefs or values with high expectations and a positive atmosphere.

    In terms of academic achievement, highly effective schools tend to be more flexible in relation to subject choice, often delaying the choice of subject level so that more pupils can take higher-level subjects.

    Such schools also tend to have lower levels of misbehaviour, apparently, a consequence of consistent approach to school discipline.


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