Friday, 4 November 2016

corporate politics - presidential auctions

I was tempted to title this 'Corporate Democracy', but that would be such a glaring oxymoron.

It is frustrating to witness the 'relatively' poor people of the world beating each other to death over whether to vote for Trump or Clinton in the 2nd $billion + US presidential auction.
corporate politics meets apathy

Both candidates are representing corporate interests, and a system that is in debt to a handful of trillionaires has its hands tied - unless someone has the courage to challenge the status unquo.

The unelected 1% (really far fewer than 1%) who control capital, business and media are very, very pleased when we distract ourselves with unproductive arguments, often of their making.

In the words of the Matrix trilogy, take the red pill, and wake up. The alternative is to be comfortably numb, awash with corporate advertainment, and realise, very painfully, on your death bed, that you could have been conscious for decades on the most beautiful, biodiverse world thus far discovered, surrounded by creative fellow human beings and opportunities - and chose not to.


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  1. awakening - you know it makes sense

  2. MPs who voted against the #Brexit bill #democracy for the few

    Following the second day of debate over Theresa May’s Brexit bill in the House of Commons, 498 MPs have voted to give the government authority to invoke article 50, while 114 voted against.

    One Tory MP voted against, but in the parties that represented non millionaires/rentiers/bankers/corporate flunkies, there were 113. I hope their constituents appreciate how lucky they are to be represented in parliament.

    The full list is on the Guardian:


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