Thursday, 10 November 2016

Protest votes in politics - best outcome: sociology psychology education

Given that Trump and Clinton both serve the pathologically wealthy, who chose, in effect, both candidates, the best possible outcome to the protest votes, which have made Donald Duck the president of USA and exited Little England from the civilising and cooperative possibilities of Europe, is that the protest voters become a little more conscious.
Clinton and Trump - billionaires democracy

My 'sociological research' (listening to people) has unearthed a group that only watch corporate media, don't read any books or 'serious' newspapers, and answer the questions

1. What is the nature of reality?

2. How shall we (not I!!! ) vote?

by discussions amongst their group, in the pub.

There is no input from outside, so the outcome has little to do with objective reality, and lots to do with preconceptions and collective fantasy.

The pathologically wealthy must be very grateful. Even more so when the poorest people start attacking each other for supporting the 'wrong' candidate. One ray of hope is that many voters are describing their choice as 'the lesser of two evils'.

The best possible outcome is for adults to respect facts concerning the nature of power, money and media, cultivate goodwill for their fellow victims, and enter the dialogue for educated, democratic progress.


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political satire said...

Just misheard radio presenter "Potty political broadcast on behalf of xxx " or did I? #UKElection2017 #disillusion

education empathy said...

The influence of pathological wealth in so-called democracy.

education and consciousness can liberate many. empathy can liberate everyone.