Saturday, 12 November 2016

DIY projects education for children

TED Resident Fawn Qiu designs fun, low-cost projects that use familiar materials like paper and fabric to introduce engineering to kids. In this quick, clever talk, she shares how nontraditional workshops like hers can change the perception of technology and inspire students to participate in creating it. 

  Educational video to inspire creative imagination and practical skills in children (of all ages!). If you, or your grandparents, missed out on inspiring education, now is your chance to catch up. :)

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  1. #children: People are "the eyes and ears" to find missing children children news

    The public can be the eyes and ears for children reported missing and in danger, to be found as quickly as possible. This was stated by Charlie ...

  2. #education #Scotland helps provide crucial access to education for #children refugees education news

    Scots have helped provide crucial access to education for around 150 children living at a refugee camp in the north of France.

    The transportable digital classroom, which includes 20 tablets for students, comes in a box which can charge equipment overnight.

    It has been provided by Glaswegian agency Equator for youngsters attending the children's centre at La Liniere camp in Grand-Synthe on the outskirts of Dunkirk.

    Helena Wiggins, 32, from London and Coordinator at the Children's Centre, was very grateful:

    "I believe that play and learning is such an integral part of childhood and every child should have this right.

    "We are so grateful to Equator for providing us with these digital classroom resources.

    "They will make such a difference to enabling our children to access today's technology, preparing them for the world they will encounter in the future as well as making essential learning fun and interactive."

  3. American Indian #education bill clears first vote by Wyoming House education news

    CHEYENNE – The Wyoming House gave preliminary approval to a bill Thursday that would provide school aged children throughout the state American Indian history in their social studies lessons.

    House Bill 76 passed the first of three votes in the House.

    It is a significant milestone, since the lower chamber of the Wyoming Legislature is more conservative, said Jason Baldes, head of the Wind River Native Advocacy Center.

    The bill must pass the House before heading to the Senate.

    “It’s going to increase understanding and empathy for our issues, and I think other states are recognizing the contributions of other tribes and they’re making steps to recognize those contributions,” he said. “Wyoming did a great thing today.”

  4. immigrants and conservation - re the pipeline through Sioux reservation, and President Chump's hostility to 'immigrants'; the native Americans had problems with immigrants - they called them white men.

    They also loved their land, and every species they shared it with.


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