Thursday, 26 January 2017

idollartry political satire - money infects democracy


Of course, no one knew this was about to happen, but a critical mass of people – all ages, both genders, from all countries, some rich, many poor, and most completely indifferent – were carrying the image of a sane, creative, empathic future society.

Then there was one more.

Suppose the critical mass was one million people (and, for all we know, non human mammals).

The million radiate such hope and positivity that any of the one million that happens to be experiencing a bad day soon recovers their vision. When one of the million dies, the tide of positive vibes converts another.

But on that wondrous day when there were 1,000,001, the positive vibe became an epidemic. It wasn’t reported in the corporate news, and it didn’t need to be, because everyone even remotely awake could FEEL it.

Within one day, 75 more people awoke.

1,000,075 is an explosive quantity . . .

within months it became clear to (nearly) all that it was a really good idea to turn off the corporate adverts, corporate news, corporate escapism and the like.

Many people asked their neighbours how they felt, and really meant it. it’s amazing the power of eye contact.

Many people threw out their junk food and made something far better.

Many people went to a bookshop, the library and/or  Google and asked ‘What is the state of the social, political, economic world, REALLY?’
wealth or money? your choice

It became clear that everyone needs a room of their own; and no one needs lots of houses 'to let’.

Everyone needs wholesome food, and no one needs profitable, advertised junk.

Everyone needs access to honest education – for life – and no one needs news or ‘science’ that is sponsored by vested interests.

Sadly this didn’t become clear to donald trump and his cronies, who believed:

a. the mindset of a playground bully is essential;

b. the repainting of objective reality with self-serving collective fantasies that increase the power of our gang is essential;

c. the ability of obscene numbers (which they confuse with wealth) to generate even more obscene numbers is essential.

In their confusion, the bewildered population thought this maniac might be a good alternative to the corporate backed career politician billionaires who generally ‘presided’.

The majority didn’t realise they’d chosen the best possible lunatic to provoke their AWAKENING, and the awakening is imminent.

The alternative is The Tower of Idolatry (sorry Idollartry) in Washington;
a tide of selfish fear spreading over the globe.

Climate Change, biodiversity destruction, and homelessness all over the globe; the projection of  all guilt onto others, especially onto ‘groups’. Denial.

+  +  +  +  +

Production of our basic needs is a solved problem.

Pathological wealth is a destructive, seemingly untreatable disease, but it only infects others if we let it.

A few very rare individuals have cured themselves of #pathologicalwealth through their own efforts – like contagious empathy, the inductive effects of the philosophers stone, call it what you will, once the snowball start to roll, all it needs is our encouragement.


there’s nothing to lose but chains
and everything to gain


politics, fiction, satire, hope, revolution, awakening pathological wealth


  1. #pathological #wealth cured by (ex) billionaire buddha

    the reward is happiness and freedom

  2. President Chump cements his dictatorship by sacking attorney general.

    “She was fired for recognising that her oath is to the Constitution and not to President Trump. His accusation that she has ‘betrayed the Department of Justice’ is wrong and it is dangerous.

    “President Trump has now put his cabinet on notice: if you adhere to your oath of office to defend the Constitution, you risk your job.

    Equally troubling is that his nominee for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions, has shown no indication that he has the independence to put the Constitution before the president.

    The Senate at its best can be the conscience of the nation. Senators must oppose Senator Sessions.”

  3. for #democracy ever to begin, we need corporate backing excluded from the electoral system. We also need education about where power and influence resides and evidence replacing collective (self-serving) fantasies.

  4. #democracy is a part of the current free thinking season on BBC radio 3. 1st Feb program is well worth listening to. Catch up available on BBC website

  5. I warned you...... stupidity of Americans knows no bounds...all due to religious belief....

  6. post #Brexit: British workers 'facing explosion of zero-hours contracts
    #politics & #poverty UK

    British workers face “cut-rate, bottom-of-the-league protections” after Brexit, with more zero-hours contracts and fewer guarantees over holiday and equal pay, the TUC has warned, as it publishes a damning report highlighting the soaring number of insecure jobs in the UK.

    The number of workers without guaranteed hours or basic employment rights has risen by more than 660,000 in the past five years, the study found.

    Shadow business minister Jack Dromey questioned Ms May's sincerity in protecting workers' rights.

    "Under the Tories, Brexit risks making a bad situation worse," he said. "I simply do not believe assurances that Theresa May will protect workers’ rights that are currently guaranteed by membership of the European Union.

    “Labour will fight to make sure that the Tories do not use Brexit to rob British workers of their rights. Britain must not become an offshore island with British workers the poor relation to their European neighbours.”

  7. #Trump attack on press is 'biggest threat to #democracy' says ex-Navy Seal chief

    A retired Navy Seal who was an architect of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden has warned that Donald Trump’s attack on the press as an enemy of the American people “may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime”.

    Retired admiral William McRaven, the former commander of the Joint Special Operations Command and later the US Special Operations Command, issued his defense of the media during a Tuesday late-afternoon lecture to journalism students at the University of Texas, where he serves as chancellor.

    McRaven, himself a journalism graduate of the school, referred to the press as “the single most important institution in this republic” and said: “This may be the most important time for journalism that I have seen in decades. Probably we need you now more than ever before.”

    McRaven did not issue a personal criticism of Trump, nor a broader critique of his administration. But he directly referenced “the president” in objecting to Trump’s stated perspective on the US press.

    “On February 17, the president said the news media is the enemy of the American people. The news media is the enemy of the American people,” McRaven said, according to a video of the speech the University of Texas made available to the Guardian.

    “This sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime, this sentiment,” McRaven said to applause.


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