Friday, 24 March 2017

Wholeness and Driving - Undead Diary chapter (2x +1)

Another excerpt from my 360+years diary of a reformed vampire

The longer you live the more problems people seem to invent – or I am just being cantankerous?

I’ll try to be more accurate – people keep inventing further complications. I can’t complain, though clearly I'm itching to!
reformed vampire

Driving, by which I mean personal ‘independent’ mobility with mechanical aids, is clearly a sort of additional freedom, but so often it doesn’t seem like it. It started out as a treat, nowadays it’s largely traffic jams and frustration. A particularly fond memory is my first ever motorised transport, which was an old bicycle with a 12 volt rechargeable battery and ancient DC motor attached!

 I’m loathe to admit it, but an awful lot of today's motoring is unavoidable, because most people spend their whole life in debt, which is so carefully engineered by the very rich, hence the commuting to the daily drudgery. Why else would anyone spend 25+ years paying a mortgage for a house they could build in 2 years?

An unforeseen 'bonus' of driving is being able to vent your fury, anger, projections at complete strangers, safely ensconced in your metal box. You’d think I'd have got over this at age three hundred and fifty plus (see, I can’t even remember how many years it’s been!), but I haven’t. I am suitably ashamed, embarrassed, etc.

I succumbed recently and was very slow to realise something was amiss WITH ME, I'd much rather blame someone else, especially drivers.

Anyway, a synchronistic event happened – my car’s horn failed to work. No more honking at inconsiderate drivers!

 I suspect someone ‘up there’ is playing games with me to wake me up. So the penny has dropped, eventually – I stopped losing my self in ‘necessary journeys’ and such trivia and pondered. There is something I’ve been failing to do, and it’s not as if it’s even difficult or unpleasant. Some inexplicable mood has got in the way.

So I sorted the problem, did what I’d been avoiding, and then remembered what driving is like when I’m together – whole, is it were. Wholeness is a big deal nowadays, which is good news. Many people realise that’s what we really long for.

So what is driving like when in mush sought-after state of wholeness?

 A joy! If there happens to be a lunatic behind you and a clown driving the other way, at night, with no lights on; pull over and let them go. Wave at them as they float on by ...

Real wholeness cannot be derailed by such minor irritants. The weirdest  of drivers will wake up when they are ready, and you can’t magically make it happen.

I wonder how long it will be before I forget again? I could tattoo WHOLENESS on my forehead, or write it large print on the door of the fridge, but anything which is in the same place for weeks soon becomes invisible to me. Somehow, I suspect I'm not alone!

Right, time for an unnecessary, pleasant journey. I wonder if the horn has mysteriously fixed itself?

 (It has).


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  1. I seem to recall an event experienced by a friend of mine years ago. He encountered a gent believe with the last name of Sole. They met on a narrow road. Sole was driving a large caravan and my friend a normal vehicle. Sole would not yield and caused my friend much irritation and grief. I felt so sorry for Mr. Sole...berated by my wayward friend. Large vehicles command the Trump it is and ever shall without end ..AMEN

  2. road rage #satire - I remember it well

    road rage satire


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