Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Passport is in the Heart

A Syrian mother by the bed
her bandaged daughter weak but bright
her limbs are broken, wounds are red
but she is blessed with perfect sight
children caught in conflict in Syria

Military plots obsessed with power
accountants counting: number rules
cost and benefit, profit and greed
the numbers numb the minds of fools

The child is data, her mother too
advisers counsel, “it’s not much -
collateral damage, life is thus”
denial rules the minds of such

A dove flies in through shell-shocked wall
the daughter smiles, it’s on her throw
her father stirs, the bed is clean!
but pauses at his daughters glow

The daughter smiles at feathered friend
she starts to dream, though she’s awake
a passport gleaming by a door
an opening even shells can’t break

Flies crowd around the broken Earth
barren soil and building spoil
a starving hen eats slothful flies
relieves itself on baking soil

A child plants two precious seeds
two flowers bloom and feed the bees
the leaves feed hens, eggs feed the child
the flowers bear seeds, the child sees

A village forms

Cunning men promoting debt
they jail them - only cash to eat
fanatics knows THIS book tells all
they’re jailed - ten thousand books their meat

Bullies lie to gain control
they jail them - with none to rule
inmates face themselves till dawn
the alchemy of waking fools

There’s tears of joy in paradise
the daughter sees the story start
true wealth that money cannot buy
the passport lies within the heart

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  1. Your finest work sir! Nothing you've done up until this compares. Unfortunately, the 'leaders' who would benefit from your wisdom can't comprehend it.'re at the top of your game!

  2. Enjoy your garden and the simple pleasures of life as I am...soon the adolescent leader of the U.S. will provoke war via twitter...stupidity abounds.. Remulak

  3. sanity in a mad world
    wise words Remulak (is your name an anagram ?)

  4. Children first

    Syria and everywhere


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