Friday, 12 May 2017

A Ridiculous Hypothesis - Most work is an opportunity.

The hypothesis:

Everything that we need to do, for whatever reason (other than zero-hours contracts 'work' for corporations on a minimum (or less) wage) is an opportunity.
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That task, and that day, will never occur again, and trying to 'get it done' so that we 'make time' to collapse in front of the corporate TV with a tray of junk food is a disaster.

For most people, if you examine their days objectively with an open mind, have time to do the job patiently with no haste.

Very often your job will not really need to be completed today: considering the best ways to do it, the best materials to use and who to consult for the benefit of their experiences can be rewarding.

Doing the job without haste, and NOT thinking about what to do next can be rewarding. The end product can be a source of joy. BUT, most of all, the memory of this day of productive happiness is yours forever.

Tomorrow could be the same :)

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related quote:

“We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work”

― Thomas A. Edison #quote

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A Ridiculous Hypothesis - Most work is an opportunity.

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Most #work is an opportunity. @pjforguk


  1. Marty on the annoyed hill12 May 2017 at 16:01

    It's unfortunate that humans must have a 'job'. For most the 'job' is a drudgery that pays enough to keep a little food and a place to live so that you can continue doing your 'job'. Then you grow old and can no longer do your 'job'...which gives you time to look back and realize you wasted your life. (This and other uplifting thoughts can be found in the book..Marty's Negative Positive Negatives. In a book store near you!)

  2. In UK you can avoid starvation on 1 hours pay (per week), though it would be a very bland diet. Most citizens/victims lose all their pay to landlords, mortgages, and servicing government debt (I.e. taxes)

  3. Please to tell me why you do not own a Quicky Mart such as I? The sell of sugar drinks and lottery cards will make you much the rich I am saying.

  4. I couldn't bear the stress of having to decide where to place the money in order to do any good. Maybe enough money will turn you into Trumpenstein the 2nd? What a scary prospect ...

  5. Take your time ...

    #wisdom loves #patience


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