Friday, 7 July 2017

Politics for a mature species ...

Protecting the working class from the pathologically wealthy (the 1%) is a fairly obvious political goal, but having seen several people switch camps (1% to other 1%, and vice versa) due to their changing circumstances, the rational conclusion is that human nature is vulnerable to both temptations, and is either unaware of its own selfish psychology, uses escape mechanisms to suppress the truth,or is just plain selfish.

 One way or another most of the 'passengers' are unaware of their own psychology.

So a mature political party , if ever it comes into being, will face the facts of human psychology, sociology, economics and the reality of the physical world, and disincentivise both extremes of sociopathy by suitable laws and institutions.

The FACT that the very wealthy monopolise ownership of property (housing, land, retail estate, etc) and capitalise "housing associations", and largely own their government through bonds and bank loans ensures that most people will spend all their working lives in debt or as rent slaves (or both).

No wonder 3,000,000 UK children are negatively impacted by parental alcoholism.

One part of the solution would be Hire Purchase of Affordable Housing organised by a benevolent state so that:

a. The pathologically wealthy can't buy them;

b. The poorest don't acquire "learned helplessness" through generations of benefits and not being allowed to maintain and take responsibility for their own homes.

An election is due! Is there any mention of objective realism? Or the same old childish pretence that either extreme has all the truth!

The illusion that one 'side' of the political spectrum serves no constructive purpose, but does maintain the status un-quo, to the detriment of most working class people.

It makes no more sense then fellow victims attacking each other due to arbitrary labels, such as:

Rangers v Celtic (Scottish football)

Protestant v Catholic (Northern Ireland)

Tories v Labour

IS v Everyone else

It's all a projection of one's own 'shadow' onto a convenient other. As the song says - "It's in your head"

The solution, as every religion / philosophy / depth psychology / unspoilt child knows:

"Know thyself"

I / you / we have everything to gain.


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  1. are using logic must become a flat Earth society being like the majority of the Untied States ...that way you live in bliss and stupidity....please come around..stop using your mind before it's too late!

  2. Cursed with logic, also imagination. I was offered medication and promised it would make me normal! I smiled sweetly (well, my best approximation) took the pills and incinerated them on my way home. Normal! Hell's bells what a curse ...

  3. I suggest that you purchase a large caravan and terrorize the countryside ...threaten people who don't quiver in your pills needed. Soon you'll be an American't. Yours truly Donald J. Dumph (P.S. do this or I'll nuke your Gawds way..amen.)

  4. As I gazed upon my vast estate here on Kensington on Trent I began to wonder...have I supplied enough alcohol and drugs to my minions? It worried me...yes..even the high born bear!..don't pity me. I must somehow continue. B. Douchebag

  5. Aye were wit me garlfren Large Marge last night but one at the Slug and Lettuce pub. We was playin billyards wit her glass eye an I was thinkin..wot of the pour yooth today? Wear does they git thar beer and hard licker? It maid me sad it I went oot and bot sum licker fer sum lads...I'm thinkin they be 6 years old..witch maid me sad..they shud have been drunk years ago..doon't ya agree lad?

  6. Phew, what a lot of comments! I'd be pleased if you used your name, ladies and gents!

    Anon 1 - The very rich have made living in caravans virtually illegal to ensure that the poor people spend their whole life paying extortionate rent!

    Anon2 aka B Douchebag - thank you for your views. Is 'B' your first initial, or a hint at your philosophy - "Be a Douchebag" ?

  7. Anon3 - What does Large Marge think? Don't you prefer butter?

  8. You old folk are daft. I stare at my Dumbphone each second I'm awake and play as many violent video games as possible. We be the new and better generation. Time for you oldsters to go away quietly and play shuffleboard until it's your time for the bury patch. Nigel (10 years young..all knowing.)

  9. Basil Q. Toilet7 May 2017 at 17:11

    I just completed my new song "To Love All" by Basil Q. Toilet and have released a best selling cd. But I'm running out of you have any new songs or poems Mr. Fairbrother? Just curious..I'd never use them...

  10. Cafgard Hardpillow7 May 2017 at 17:38

    As I was spraying Monsanto chemicals on my beet patch today I noticed that you had infringed upon my allotment. How dare you plant a fruit tree within root distance of my beets! I shall report you to the council! I also saw that you buried an unlicensed tv near the kumquats...the police will be at your door soon scoundrel! Cafgard

  11. Nigel, leave the phone alone - you'll go blind

  12. Basil queueing for the Toilet - what a delightful name.

    I think there have been poems since the one you mention (and apparently stole!). If you'd asked - it could have been legal ...

    The Passport is in the Heart

    The Choice (minimalist!)

    Contagious Wellness - An Ongoing Awakening

  13. Cafgard Hardpillow, the Roundup weedkiller has addled your brain.

    You remind me of apple pie and custard, you complete pudding!

  14. Tiz soon the Cornwall Spring festival! Ladies wear yer Sprung bonnets and gentlemen bring'll want to donate to the fund to buy a large screen tv (HD quality) to the vicarage. The more you donate the closer ya gets to Christ.
    Percy Feelgud
    Church of the Divine Severity

  15. Really Percy? It will soon be the Folk Festival, but I'm fairly sure that doesn't involve TV.

  16. China's Awkward #Debt Problem

    When the chairman of China’s Dongbei Special Steel Group hanged himself last year, it was clear that something at the firm was going horribly wrong. Next, the company defaulted on nine separate corporate bonds, telling creditors that it lacked the money to pay its bills. Dongbei declared bankruptcy last October.


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