Monday, 4 September 2017

US cities determined to be 100% renewable energy users

Despite Trump's resolve to take the world back to the dark ages (yep, even darker than now!) many cities in the USA with Republican mayors are dedicated to becoming 100% renewable energy based (mostly solar) as soon as possible.

Renewables 100 Policy Institute assists municipalities, regions and other stakeholders with mapping their blueprints for these journeys.

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San Diego, the biggest U.S. metropolis chasing this vision publicly, has even made the transition pretty much mandatory with an aggressive, legally binding Climate Action Plan that requires it to cut its carbon footprint in half by 2035.

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Learn more about cities going 100 percent renewable at VERGE 17, from Sept. 19 – 21 in Santa Clara, California.

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  1. Yes..this sounds delightful indeed...but it ain't gonna happen. We here in the Untied States love to feed BS to all. America is all about greed. There is an excellent documentary about what happens if you go solar or use any other form of energy that doesn't line a politicians pocket. If only I could remember the name of the doc..I'm elderly..forgive me...

  2. renewable energy versus corporate monopolies

    #pathologicalwealth is doomed ... social media can't be solienced :)

  3. We wot R yoot be soshall ME dia an nose all we dew!

  4. re: Trump and #RenewableEnergy - #socialmedia can't be SILENCED !

    (not nit-picking, honest :)

  5. I'm thinkin a new clear bomb on nerth koreea be the ansir.

  6. Your satire has been approved "abnormal".
    Be careful you don't start to believe your own mutterings!


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