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Science in perspective - vitamins and preventable disease

Science in Perspective

vitamins and preventable disease

Sometimes, when Monsanto tries to develop a global monopoly on seed supplies, for example, some people become irrational and claim that Science is a bad things. Science isn’t aiming for a global monopoly but greed, the power drive and corporate lawyers are.
vitamins and their availability in food

An example of what science can achieve, when it is motivated by empathy and probably funded by government or charity, is right in front of our eyes in any UK supermarket:

The background: Before the 19th century long voyages at sea could result in sailors losing the hair and teeth, and eventually dying. The condition is called scurvy and some traces of the condition occur now in very poor and uneducated people.

In the developing world about ¼ million people go blind every year due to an incomplete diet. The children are more susceptible to respiratory problems and anaemia.

People in less sunny parts of the world are more likely to develop rickets and osteomalacia.

All these conditions, and many more, are caused by vitamin deficiencies. Vitamins also play a role in health as antioxidants – which combat the onset of cancer. Vitamins are essential to combat debilitating anaemia, which causes extreme tiredness.

Niacin plays a role in protecting against heart disease. Deficiency causes pellagra – the 4 Ds – diarrhoea, dermatitis, dementia, death (usually in that order!).

There are many other ailments that vitamins can prevent, and ensuring that all these vitamins are in your diet is sometimes beyond even the keenest and most responsible person.
balanced diet, vitamin content and related deficiency diseases

So what’s the relevance to Science?

All these vitamins, plus iron are available as a multivitamin tablet (daily requirements), produced by pharmaceutical companies in any decent UK supermarket or dispensing chemists. In my local supermarket they cost £1.28 for 120


In our busy lives we can overloook such extraordinary achievements. I hope that we won’t :)

examples: multi-vitamins sainsburys

Reliable information on nutrition and health is available FREE from the Open University Open Learning dept

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