Tuesday, 26 June 2018

ex-institution, Gnostic Book of Job

Job sits on a rock and talks to his cat, though really the cat isn't significant. Job has no illusions that the cat listens to him, excepting a few key words, like 'food'.

'My trial has been hard, solitary and misunderstood. Ironically, the hardest work I've ever done has attracted dire projections from the most evil and unconscious people.

Oddly, other mammals have seemed increasingly in tune, especially my dog. Sorry puss, but you know it's true. Most mammals feel wiser in some way. I guess they have a stronger sense of their soundest instincts ...

The aloneness can hurt, and it demands vigilance in company to avoid upsetting people. Few understand the need for isolation and quiet unless / until they've been there.

The lies of the most drunken taste very sour.

And yet, in the stillness, an immense peace gradually reveals itself.

The only tangible substance or essence appearing in the 'spacetime' of peace is a tiny bud. Similar to the potential flower on a miniature rose.

The bud gently swells and starts to open, in the silence, becoming a tiny cup ... a cradle ... a large dish ... an enveloping world.

The world is an endless blue, still ocean composed of every tear of hope, kindness, gratitude, faith, understanding, forgiveness from every creature that was ever conscious.

One could drink, but the ocean never diminishes. The vastness is humbling. I am a nothing in an Everything, yet dipping one toe into it cures all suffering. Infinite, but somehow very personal.

For most of us, we never know what we might do, or when, that could add one drop to this ocean. Being rich, powerful or loud seems unlikely to make a difference.

A stranger's arrogance might be a cloak for insecurity; someone's meanness a reflection of times of terrible hardship ...

Despite being a nothing in an Everything, I feel confident that every creature that contributes one drop ends their days satisfied, happy, fulfilled and relishing their eternal swim

Tags: fiction, meaningful, gnosticism, self knowledge, wholeness, consciousness


  1. Nicely done. I've missed reading your work.

  2. Lord Douchebag21 July 2018 at 21:12

    I find that since nothing new has been added here for almost a month...that I...a Lordship must take over. Future posts here will feature the benefits of Monsanto products...bringing healthy lives to all. Endorsed by P. Fairbrother Phd.

  3. No such luck, Lord mondevillo.


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