Tuesday, 28 August 2018

My search for the best dog food

My dog became older-looking and much less glossy coat as she approached 10 years old. I wondered if her absorption of nutrients wasn't so good, and read the analysis of her dog food (working dog formula - suitable for sheep dogs and hunting dogs).

The food is based on cereals, with some added meat extracts and fats. The added minerals are very impressive and put human food to shame, but only 4 vitamins were added; presumably the ones most likely to be lacking in cereal based diet.

I read endless blog posts about what I 'should' feed my dog, and tried several expensive mixes with little sign of improvement.
healthy border collie in henhouse

She improved a little when I replaced part of her food with what I eat for dinner (mostly cooked vegetables; lean meat, soya or fish). Cooking for my dog every day is not a realistic option long-term.

The dogs requirements for nutrition are very similar to ours, though they synthesize their own vitamin C (makes sense for carnivores!).

Having needed a vitamin and iron supplement when I had many food intolerances, I decided to try the basic working dog food again, plus one of my multivitamins ( Science in perspective - vitamins and preventable disease ).

The results were very good and immediate.

For the last 6 months she has had 1/4 of a multivitamin-with-iron most days and she is looking well, happy and very lively.

This costs 90 pence a year (!) if I remember every day (!!).

This is another astonishing result for medical science and chemistry, when they aren't monopolised by for-profit drug companies trying to steal more of your money for the cult of pathological wealth.

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  1. That's one of the finest dog houses I've seen. That would cost about $300 at my local big box store. My wife recently read on Facebook...the all knowing..all truth social claptrap site that dogs should have a food with more cereal. But wait...we used to feed our dogs with a cereal heavy food and were told then that it was bad for them and switched to an expensive protein food. We decided to go beyond the wisdom of Facebook and ask our vet which diet is best. Our farmer neighbor feeds his dogs the cheapest low grade food possible..even though he's a rich man. His dogs live to be 12 and older. Hmmmm....

  2. I don't keep livestock. Though I will occasionally stroke the head of one of my servants with a gloved hand.

  3. The low grade food has every mineral added, but they skimp on the vitamins. This is bizarre, as they are virtually free.

    I suspect fun, affection and exercise are the best 'foods' for most dogs ... probably for us too.

    P.S. Its a hen-house, the dog is squatting !

  4. It is possible to have TOO MUCH iron and vitamin A, so only take such tablets after recommendations to do so by your doctor or dietician


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