Saturday, 8 September 2018

Bewildering Non-Automatons

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The automatons all left the Cube as the planet's sun moved lower in the sky. Morpheen felt pleased to witness the furrytypes becoming more active. If they were even remotely similar to Morpheens, then they were surely playing. They ventured further from the cover of the thorny bushes, but Morpheen stayed put, hoping to see more native species and gain the first intelligence of the planet from the ship. Particularly information about possible threats to its safety.

There was little danger of experiencing physical harm with its motion-sensitive protective shields, but such an event would require leaving the furrytypes, its cover blown.

The landscape is very appealing, apart from the Cube;

Fields with crops in rows ... unlikely to be produced by the furrytypes;

Patches of condensed, light grey moisture in the blueish sky, a light breeze;

Other fields of green, leafy vegetation, with evidence of lots of foot-traffic in gateways;

Dozens,, at least, of attractive scents, and a few mildly unpleasant ones ... would the native creatures experience scents in a similar manner?;

On the threshold of hearing - very distant burring noises; possibly mechanical

Morpheen opened a channel to the vessel's computers and requested a pictorial overview of their findings:

The Globe, with weather systems;

networks of physical and informational transport / travel; some of this highly polluting;

Hospitals - nearly all for the automatons, some for the mammals; all of the cared-for mammals seemingly managed or farmed by the automatons;

Political infighting ... and wars;

Various religions - unreflective, sometimes corrupt, clearly used as a tool by politicians, although very effective as social work and social cohesion ... sometimes;

The Cube and mobile boxes were designed and made by the automatons that they now imprisoned;

so ...

"Automatons" was probably the most inaccurate preconception Morpheen had made since ... forever.

Telecomms and transport and new Planet-Friendly Energy sources suggest that the Non-Automatons have basic physics and chemistry abilities.

The farming activities and hospitals imply biological knowledge.

Recorded  samples of news, and eavesdropping on cafes and public houses suggest the Self Awareness of a neutrino and the empathic connectivity of a neutron star..
I.E. Bugger all.

"Flowery language!" said Morpheen, in its native tongue.
A distant furrytype looked up, ears alert.

"Oops!" (furrytpe language), and the ears relaxed.

"Flowery language suggests a small degree of relaxation, compared to the state of one just landed, stranded, on an utterly alien world."

Morpheen smiled inside.

The vessels computer sent an alert beep - it had found small Non-Automatons playing with furrytypes. A different breed of furrytype, judging by their greater size, exotic colours and luxurious fur.

"My wabbit," siad a small Non-Automaton.

"So that's what they're called - Wabbit."

beep: "Language is English. (download complete)".



Pictures of Non-Automatons ...
One Non-Automaton - a person

More than one Non-Automatons ...

Species: homo sapien (man of wisdom {language: Latin; rarely used, (concise download complete)})

"Pull the other thought," thought Morpheen.

"It's true, replied the vessel. Relative to the ant (image of efficient collective endavour, and no bickering) ... sorry, bad example;
Relative to the slug (image of slug)".

"I'd better learn English;" thought Morpheen "and change shape. I do LIKE the furryt ... Wabbits, but their speech does demand an awful lot from very large front teeth, and has a pitifully tiny dictionary ...

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  1. I was the first to discover wabbits. Please include my contribution in your historical account. "Be very quiet...I'm hunting wabbits."

  2. Certainly sir, would like an entry on WickedPedia 2?


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