Thursday, 20 September 2018

Brexit, lies and Pathological Wealth

In the Brexit referendum, 51.9% of the 72.2% turnout voted to leave the EU. That's 37.47% of the eligible voters.

The Brexit campaign was promoted and funded by very wealthy individuals with lots to gain from business outside the EU with no workers rights or protection.

Their campaign was built on lies.

Inevitably, as the magnitude of this disaster becomes apparent, many concerned individuals and organisations have requested a rethink.

Despite centuries of doing what they please, irrespective of public opinion, the 'Leader' of the current government claims "We must respect the people's choice."

Well the government haven't become obedient public servants overnight, so they have their own motives for ditching the civilising influence of Europe for the opportunity of even greater wealth for the few that don't need it ... #PathologicalWealth

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  1. Alternative News:

    The EU (including UK) - nurses, teachers, builders, craftsmen and women, postal workers, fruit pickers, utility and shop workers ban immigration of billionaires, non-workers 'earning' more than £30k a year, hedge fund gamblers and compulsive liars after #BrexitShambles collapses.

    today's Brexit news


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