Friday, 12 October 2018

ReGenesis - A tyre named Eden

Jenny was pleased. If understatement was a sport, the narrator could be heading for the next Olympics ...

Jenny trembled. Her heart fluttered; her breathing waltzed; her pulse syncopated; her cheeks flushed; her palms tingled; her thoughts won silver in the 110 metre hurdles ...

Breathe deep ... and slow. Calm ... down ...

This is life. this has value. We must get this into some quality water.

"Well done, Albertina. Forgive me if I seem preoccupied. This is worth more than I can imagine or explain. Single cell organism, notoriously fast multiplication in favourable circumstances."

"!" said Albertina, encouraging Jenny with her undivided attention.

"It needs a safe place to grow."


"I'm being dense ... it needs many safe places to grow!"

Albertina beamed.

"Was the tyre nearly dry? Can you find it again?"

"!" said Albertina, nodding to the first question and thumbs-upping to the second.
She noticed that her thumbs were still a mixture of algae green and retired tyre black.

Jenny sorted several clean empty glass jars from their store and methodically filled two of them from each stage of their 'clean drinking water' ponds in the stream.

She added the tiniest sample of green algae to each.


Jenny filled a bucket of non-drinking water, looked expectantly at Albertina, and said "!" with raised eyebrows.

Albertina grinned and led the way to the tyre, for which she was trying to think of a name ...

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  1. I suggest the tyre be named GoodYear. I can't imagine how I came up with such an original name. I'm just talented that way. :)

  2. Joining the dots ...

    The local Eden Project (South Cornwall - has every plant imaginable) and British grape farmers agree, this was a very Good Year for outdoor grapes.

    It was in Bude too :)

    I can't understand why the more aromatic German white grapes are made into winE - their flavoUr to eat is verging on unbelievable ...

    Excuse the occasional typos (capitals); I now have twin obsessions:

    English English (rather than American); and somehow avoiding the disaster named Brexit ...


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