Thursday, 11 October 2018

Eat yourself healthy - Michael Greger MD's Daily Dozen

The book 'How Not To Die' (prematurely!) by Dr Michael Greger is a gold mine of scientific nutritional facts, organised in categories of man-made diseases that they either treat or aggravate.

The good news for busy people is that the conclusions, in the form of best-practice for a healthy lifestyle, are summarised in 12 simple
items to eat (most) days.

principles of a healthy food diet

I encourage anyone to read the book, or visit his website for endless free videos on dietary health.

What impressed me most is the biographical note in the introduction of where his motivation came from at a very early age.

His grandmother was 'given up as beyond repair' by the health service in USA and sent home in her wheelchair. 3 weeks later she was walking 10 miles a day. Find out how ...


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  1. This has nothing to do with the above but I highly recommend CBD oil. CBD oil comes from hemp. It has no THC for those worried that they will get 'high' from using it. I have been having seizures for the past 3 years. Neurologists couldn't help me and I was even turned down by the Mayo clinic for help. But a local lady who was a lab tech at one time and likes to use 'nature' to cure ills makes different strengths of CBD oil. I tried her most potent oil and my seizures were gone in 7 hours. America is slowly waking up to the use of hemp. ~~~Thanks for the invite Pete...but my arthritis keeps me from drawing.

  2. nature's herbs that heal >

    Thanks for the info, Marty, and sorry to hear of your arthritis. Hemp has endless uses ... for example very strong rope with no plastic pollution! some of the best paper, clothes, ...

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    A summary of the whole report is free, here eat lancet commission report


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