Wednesday, 3 October 2018

humanoids can't theel?

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Morpheen studied its reflection in a monitor.

It had successfully morphed into human shape, but there were so many variables - choices, if you like - what age to appear, which social group and the big one - male or female?

The human news channels suggested that females were more susceptible to violence and sexual attacks, but they were more ready to converse with each other than the males in a depth which would assist Morpheen's learning.

"I can always relocate if I get things wrong and need to change sex," Morpheen reflected.

"WHEN I get it wrong!"

Each human has a label! The labels reflect nothing about the character of the person, and it is applied to them by parent(s) before the recipient has even learned to speak. Naming seems to be subject to fashion and social group, judging by the variations over decades and centuries.

The name can wait, mused Morpheen, but theels attracted to a nondescript face and body - virtually androgynous - but with a male name to lessen the need for administering electromagnetic shocks, or worse, to prying hands ...

Morpheen had a flash of intuition. The humans, especially males, went to great lengths to disguise their feelings. Indeed they often seemed unconscious of both their feelings and their habit of hiding them. But the even greater realization was that their structured, often analytical cognition was separated from their synthesizing  of impressions and experiences into a whole. A picture. The back-burner, as Morpheen's early days tutor had described the process, using an analogy from cookery.

Hence the need for labels / names ...

Morpheen's species didn't need labels since their whole make up ... Morpheen struggles for an English word, mindset, maybe ... was displayed, mid torso, in pattern and colours. Their current, relatively transient state overlaid in a small segment of this, "at the top", as it were.

The very existence of the human words 'thinking' and 'feeling', which very approximately consisted of analysis and synthesis, revealed their general inability to live both states continually, in productive harmony.

"Theel" (think and feel) would serve as a verb for Morpheen to use in English.

Morpheen considered making its first foray into human company, shook its newly acquired human head to try and dispel the newly acquired experience of migraine (thanks a lot humans!) and resolved to morph back into wabbit shape for a while and pay them a visit ...

Tags: fantasy, fiction, islandsofsanity, satire

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  1. Poor Wabbit....wants to be inhumane.

  2. There's no accounting for taste(less) !

  3. This explains it all.

  4. I likes the theelwalrus song I duz...

  5. the video
    I Am The Walrus (Remastered 2009), courtesy of Beatles


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