Thursday, 18 October 2018

Making time for wholeness

A disregarded priority in modern life is making time for (apparently) not doing anything.

Of course it isn't really doing nothing, when we prioritise Being.

What happens when we don't?

Eating by habit rather than becoming really conscious of what we feel like; what we value; what we promise ourselves to appreciate but somehow keep forgetting.

Putting off an activity we love 'for another day'... again.

Skipping healthy exercise.

Switching on a box full of audio-visual advertainment, designed to promote the illusion that life is really somewhere else.

If Being really doesn't come easily, what helps?

Any art, hobby that keeps either our hands or eyes busy.:
Drawing, painting, decorating (works for some of us), reading...

Tags:   consciousness, exercise, self knowledge, wholeness, productivity, creativity


  1. I agree with you...but I'm a fossil. Governments will soon require that everyone has a phone surgically implanted in one of their hands. :(

  2. It's not compulsory yet? I notice on recent films macho types keep talking into their palms - I thought they were just cutting expenses on the film ...


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