Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Quote for this day 10/24/18

"I have invented God Television. Neither exists, and as such, is a benefit to humanity."

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pete said...

What a scary concept! What does this TV look like?

pete said...

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pete said...

There are thousands of better things to do than watching TV advertainment!

Example creativity see 'making and mending'

pete said...

Nearly every 'home' seems to have a TV on all the time after 'work'. There are endless new variants too (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone,...).

But all these variants are potentially creative tools.

I recently had to buy a new laptop. I use opensource software for everything, but the laptop came with MicroLimp Windows installed.... The desktop screen is all consumer apps!

pete said...

If by 'God. TV' you mean something similar to God Radio stations, Goddess help us!

I wish all 'religious people would read the earliest recorded accounts of Jesus's sayings, undoctored by politicians.

Gnostic gospels and Peshitta