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gnostic psychology and the books of Carlos Castaneda

The eleven books of Carlos Castaneda record his apprenticeship with a Yaqui Indian, Don Juan Matus, who plays Socratic mentor to Castaneda's skeptical anthropologist.
the books of Carlos Castaneda

Over more than twenty years, Castaneda learned the theory and practice of a new discipline proposed by his mischievous and demanding teacher.

 The art of the "new seers" involves revising ancient secrets of Toltec sorcery transmitted to Don Juan through a late lineage dating from the 18th century.

 "Sorcery" in this case means a path of experience that stands apart from the experiential habits of humanity (French sortir, "to leave, depart").

 Through a long process of trial and error, Castaneda manages to alter the parameters of perception and explore other worlds.

 In the process of his adventures, he encounters certain alien inorganic beings who present an obstacle or test for the shaman.

 In Magical Passes, Castaneda wrote: "Human beings are on a journey of awareness, which has momentarily been interrupted by extraneous forces."

Interview with Carlos Castaneda

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  1. What most interests me in his books is the psychology. Don Juan is forcing him into a state of freedom, founded on independence from worthless (largely unconscious) social 'norms', and from his baggage - which is a state of mind and habits, hence open to change.


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