Thursday, 15 November 2018


Quote from CG Jung

“Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge.”

Carl Jung 


  1. I like this minimalist trend that is developing. One word, one picture!

    Now I've gone and ruined it ...

    Nice of you to choose one of my two greatest influences (Jung, Einstein) both of whom come from the tiny country of Switzerland ...

  2. My idol is Julius Robert Oppenheimer. My uranium mines continue to provide me much happiness.

  3. Thy satire is a bit dark, sir. Is it the time of year?

    I have to keep ticking a box to verify that I'm not a robot. But where is the box to verify that i am?

    You might want to watch the British news tonight, Marty (oops), the politicians have nearly completed our destruction ...

  4. I keep searching for the box that says I am a robot. Prejudice seems to abide.

  5. If there was such a box, and you ticked it, what would they do? Or rather. what would the algorithm built on preconceptions do?

  6. Hi Marty,

    Some of your excellent art work is on show on Twitter:

    King Arthur of Cameldung


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