Wednesday, 28 November 2018

voces8 choral singing - underneath the stars

Voces8 harmony version of Kate Rusby's song

voces8 choral ensemble

Wonderful vocal harmony, and solo by Voces8 octet.
Lyrics and tune by folk singer Kate Rusby.

Tags: harmony, singing, imagery, female vocals, music, video


  1. Ah yes, quite lovely. I recall my youth singing in the world's most famous barbershop quartet. We called our group The Roaches. We toured the world singing in large arenas filled with screaming females. But alas..our tenor became enamored with a Japanese conceptual artist. He brought her to all of our practice sessions and she would make harsh comments to our baritone. This constant friction caused the quartet to break up. I took the millions I made and created the empire that I have today....and our tenor Donnie? He's now President of the U.S. and my best friend.

  2. I thought you'd bought an island, or was it a country? Is it true that you toured in a Volkwagen Beetle?

  3. Why, yes we did tour in a German was termed the people's car by some chap named Adolph..hmmm. I can't recall his last name. A great friend of my grandfather he was.


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