Monday, 10 December 2018

Annual Garden Flowers

If Marty can identify these I'll be pleased. No 1 are Asters, but the others are a mystery to me. Such is the joy of collecting seeds from all over and broadcasring the lot !

Garden Annual Flowers - Aster

Garden Annual Flowers - lobelia

Garden Annual Flowers - Datura

Garden Annual Flowers - Nicotiana

Garden Annual Flowers - Sunflower, variegated

Garden Mixed Annual Flowers

feedback from Marty (and image search):

I'm sure i was told Asters for those seeds!

image search:

1 aster
2 lobelia
3 Datura
4 nicotiana
5 variegated sunflower
6 ? mixed

And an inspiring courtyard garden !

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  1. Think of this as a reminder that Spring isn't so far away ...


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