Tuesday, 4 December 2018

arts, hope and the best possible outcome

Thought for the day ...

Visionary IS

Having a clear vision of something that doesn't exist ... yet.

Yet ...

Yet it might one day.

Paint your Best Possible Outcome

In colours, songs, stories
You never know who, or what, is listening

www.pjf.org.uk @pjforguk

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  1. In my case I wonder what is listening.

  2. I feel like I know what you mean!

    There's more to life than meets the eye (oops, cliche alert!),
    But is there more to life than meets the ear? tongue?

    Marty, all your excellent art work on original poems and stories (upto about 10 years ago) is being recycled! The stories (especially) need updating to feature Trumpenstein, Brexit and similar pathogens :)

  3. 10 years ago?!?! And it has been longer than that when Remulak met the Aloe veras...time does fly. My mind is blank on the name of the website where Remulak first met the Aloeveras....was it called HumoUr Links?

  4. Indeed it was: www.humorlinks.com/

    I think that was before we even had a domain name, probably posting as http://aloeveras3.blogspot.com/ or similar. Hell's bells, a page still exists there!

    1st photo from that era reposted - Rocky Valley, north Cornwall. photos and video

    plus I now have the option of capturing photos from the video :)


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