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Chestnut trees in Cornwall, photos and video

Horse Chestnut tree and blossom

Horse Chestnut, trees, blossom, conkers, nature photography

Horse Chestnut tree
Photos of Chestnut trees in flower, May, Bude Cornwall.

photo of the Horse Chestnut tree in blossom




close up of the Horse Chestnut tree blossoms

Horse Chestnut tree blossom

Horse chestnuts are mildly poisonous to most mammals (not deer); the starch content was utilised in the World Wars to manufacture Acetone. Horse chestnut is rich in saponins and flavones and modern day herbalists recommend its use for venous insufficiency.



photo of the Sweet Chestnut tree fruiting

Sweet Chestnut tree

This is the edible Chestnut, native to the UK. Sweet Chestnuts most commonly appear cooked as roasted chestnuts or chestnut stuffing. It's amazing how many parents with young children, temporarily inflated with their new role as 'God', tell their children that these Sweet Chestnut trees are conkers.

chestnut trees video

A video clip of the Sweet and Horse Chestnut trees showing their habitat (hedgerows) and location.

Blogger mysteriously deletes videos from posts, for no reason. When this video disappears, this is the direct link:

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