Thursday, 6 December 2018

King Arthur's Vision - satire poem

King Arthur's Vision

satirical poem.

Imagine a land
of chivalrous knights
of damsels with nothing to fear

a land blessed with courage
and hard working folk
where knowledge and art are revered

- -

imagine a king
wizard Corbyn the Pinkso noble of mind
that the poorest are sure to be fed

the sovereign speaks
and the homeless and weak
are sure he will find them a bed


Porky the Pink
and Mandy the Magus
know all the most pertinent law

we'll tax what we may
and have plenty to pay
to the needy, the homeless, the poor

- -

we have no need to hide
we can surely provide
and solve housing and hunger and fears

for the sick and depressed
the disabled and stressed
and the folks who've worked fifty-plus years

- -

for the deaf and the blind
(though some say they don't mind
and still try to fend for themselves)

Yet there's indolent dross
who don't give a toss
and take gallons of beer from shelves

- -

sometimes I can't sleep
there's no people – just sheep
in a gigantic circle of bleating

from the shops to the car
to the TV and bar
they're just viewing and buying and eating

- -

May the Maguswith phones in their ears
to blot out their fears
with the comatose refuge of noise

own more and be less
consume – don't caress
it's cool, learn to bullshit with poise


they all have a vote
so we'll have to take note
and fund 15 stone beach-bums with dole

so shut up and vote
this is no time to hope
we're paying the pissheads to breed

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  1. Excellent poem. I'd forgotten about Porky the Pink. :)

  2. And Mandy the Magus - fine drawings :) Thank you

  3. This is incomplete. No mention of pathologicalwealth continually reinventing slavery, or learned helplessness encouraged by inept social policy. I'll try to fix it :)

  4. I have to laugh..there is always an ad for a treatment for dementia on this blog.Are they trying to tell us something? :D

  5. Yep, the ad network has dementia! I get ads for arcade games and devices to stun attackers!


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