Friday, 21 December 2018

Labour saving gizmos - and alienation, the reformed vampire reminisces

Labour saving gizmos - and alienation

Yesterday, I was pondering events that I’ve seen, as 360 year old reformed vampires are inclined to do – there have been lots of changes over so many decades and maybe two dozen countries, as you can no doubt imagine.

One thing that struck me has stayed in my mind: I sometimes curse the list of things that need doing every day when I look around my home, but people who don't have such chores – for example they have central heating, or live in council accommodation and a phone call summons a person in a van who will appear and mother them – are often bored, or seriously overweight, or have type 2 diabetes … or all three.
active = healthy = happy

I'm too preoccupied or unwise to regularly make time to just BE, which is when possibly wise insights sometimes mysteriously arise, but fortunately I do dream quite vividly. I dreamed of a neighbour I used to have who was very fit well beyond her life expectancy.

Guess what – she had no interest in labour saving devices and even maintained her solid fuel heating well into her eighties.

When she did agree to have central heating installed (it was a long time ago, but probably mains gas from a gas works) she began to show signs of confusion.

sustainable firewood
sustainable firewood

The need to empty the ashes, clean the grate around the stove and bring in fuel (logs or coal in those days) made for a purposeful start to the day, particularly in the dark days of winter. There was also cleaning and tidying to do where the fuel as stored, and regular human interactions with the people that sold and delivered the fuel.

I know people nowadays who have all mod cons, but spend twenty minutes EVERY morning on an exercise bike. This works wonders for their health, but
exercise bike for daily health fix at home

how many people have this level of willpower and organisation?
Would he even do so if he lived alone (his partner is reinforcing his healthy habit)?

What is the moral, if any?

Don’t buy a gizmo if you can do without.
If you have bought one, do you always need to use it?
What is the BEST approach to tasks, which are the best tools?
Which activities serve your bodily health (exercise), mental health (visible rewards of your efforts), general happiness?

Aside: another acquaintance who treats every ‘job’ as an evil to be overcome as soon as possible is:

a. in a state of panic during the job,
b. often makes a mess of it,
c. sounds his happiest, by far, when doing housework, but is reluctant to admit to this …

Every job, especially on out own home, is an opportunity to feel very happy and satisfied – consciousness and mindfulness are key tools for positive self care.

Personal note: My own alienation from food (much of it is now industrialised) has been cured by using a bread-maker – everyone I know who uses a bread-maker is very reluctant to buy shop bread … because its just wheat! The healthy additions to home made bread make it very special – nutrition, taste, texture :)

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  1. And for those of us who have health problems that can't be fixed...BEER..the food of nature keeps us going....but just barely.

  2. B is for beer ... and, of course, B vitamins.

    Hoping to cheer you, Marty. #TrumpResign has been trending on Twitter. What a clown ...

  3. P.S. I'd very much value your feedback on the project . In a bewilderingly complex world (the species more than the planet!) it often feels difficult deciding what to do...

  4. I'm following the project...but I'm not as upbeat as you are. I'm glad you continue to have such a positive attitude in bleak times. As far as twitter goes..I despise it. Trump uses it ...thus ...twitter is the end of purpose. Time to quit social media..human opiate and demise.

  5. Trumpenstein gets a pasting on Twitter, mostly. It's easy to sort the wheat from the chaff, at least that's my experience


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