Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Rocky Valley, Boscastle. photo and video

Photos and video from Rocky Valley, near Boscastle, North Cornwall.

Rocky Valley Landscape

Rocky Valley panorama

Rocky Valley stream

Rocky Valley stream


The Walk along Rocky Valley, by the river. Walking upstream in Rocky Valley, North Cornwall, UK. Towards the waterfall, along the river.
Near Halgabron and Boscastle. Filmed in Autumn 2009.

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  1. 2009...I recall this video like it was yesterday. Do you have anything earlier? Has it been 13 years or more that we first met? Your original material drew me to Humorlinks...I didn't contact anyone else on the site. Humorlinks is still around? I'll have to see if my comic is still on there..that is..if I remember what it was called.

  2. Earlier, maybe not. But we have lots of illustrated stories & poems from thereabouts.

    I seem to remember an Antisocial Social Club!


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