Tuesday, 1 January 2019

happy new year 2019

Happy new year.

Feel free to comment your wishlist / resolutions for 2019 :)

#TrumpResign we can take for granted ...


  1. Happy (I hope)New Year Pete!

  2. Thank you, honourable sir! I feel optimistic. Guitar technique is progressing. So much of this enormous house 'upgrade' is done. I hope to record an instrumental soon. Possibly 'invites only' on Youtube so there is less pressure (invites includes your good self, of course!).

    How cold is it in Illinois? Has Trumpenstein installed coal-fired heating for the outdoors yet?

  3. We're very warm for this time of year. No snow as of yet. ~~~Good news government wise. The House was won back by the Democrats and now Trump isn't going to get away with his stupidity.

  4. Mostly mild here, except 3 days ~1C at night - the Jet Stream is all over the place nowadays.

    It looks very good news about the sea change in the 'House' of USA politics. Ms Pelosi being a very capable thorn in tRUMP's rump, to coin a phrase :)

    So, a good start to 2019. I'm still praying that Brexit won't happen. Also making plans for my garden! A MUCH larger hen house so I can keep hens again. I don't trust any animal farming in UK, despite the excellent work of charities like RSPCA. A huge hen house means they can stay in during torrential rain without being bored.

    Also planning bird boxes, and similar. I love the wildlife; it's very good here, being so near to trees and the stream :)

    Feel free to laugh - Google's american spell checker has never heard of Pelosi ...

  5. Speaking of Bird Box...there's a movie by that name that has Americans blindfolding themselves and walking into walls and worse. The stupidity of Americans just never ends.-

  6. Could you find any clips from the movie, maybe? It sounds interesting ... lemmings with wings 👩🏿


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