Sunday, 20 January 2019

taking for granted - a miracle / paradise

The World is a miracle 🎇, yet we take it for granted, says the commentary in "The Hermetica", page 28.


 How many crafts have been employed,
and how many works of art created
to form one human being?

Statues or portraits don't just happen
without a sculptor or painter.  🎨🖼️🖌️
Has such a sublime work no creator?

@pjforguk -

If we are mindful, it is clear that we live amongst profound mysteries.
The universe ♾ is the ultimate work of art.

Humble amazement is a prerequisite
 for encountering the mind of
 God/Goddess (she is black).

Wholeness requires an open heart

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  1. There are an untold number of Earth like planets out there. No miracle. It's like saying birth is a happens thousands of time per day in all creatures. I like to think that a miracle is something which rarely happens...a one in a trillion chance of happening. I guess i have a different definition of miracle.

  2. Life, love and nature are ~miraculous.

    Our responses can vary from being profoundly moved to indifference & boredom.

    What really interests me is the state of mind that is open to being moved.

    Children often are able, grow up (!) and grow out of it, grow wise and recover the ability.

    My 2 cents 😊

  3. Originally meaning "beyond our understanding".

    Currently, this means about 99%, but I am trying 😊

  4. 'little things please little minds' they say.

    And big hearts


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