Thursday, 31 January 2019

The Best Anti-Aging Foods

Optimum fruit and veg advice from a nutrition expert. 📚🌻

Note that many 'best' foods aren't expensive, have zero waste (e.g. frozen broccoli and peas), and very long shelf life  🥦🥗🍎

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HealthyFood can be luxurious:

Imagine fresh fruit, dried fruit, cocoa (i.e. chocolate), butter all in a cake.

Refined sugar free is the key (dates  taste equally sweet without the 'sugar rush')

Best and worst food examples

chart - Best and worst food examples for longevity


  1. New potatoes, or baby potatoes (cold stored from early harvest) have lower GI. likewise potatoes cooked in their skin.

    Important to know for type 2 diabetes, longevity, general health


    N.B important dietary research


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