Saturday, 1 June 2019

recreating paradise - vote with your wallet shopping

The rural landscape has become an industrial prairie, increasingly devoid of wildlife and biodiversity - including the pollinators that the 'industry' needs for its own survival.

As multimillionaires increasingly buy out smaller farms it can feel like we, as individuals, have no power to stop the rot.

But we do. Every time we shop. Examples:

Organic butter and milk

English wildflower meadow
English wildflower meadow

example lower winskill farm



Free Range eggs

free range eggs farm, Wiltshire, UK
free range eggs, Wiltshire, UK

Abel and Cole, Wiltshire free range eggs

Olive Oil

Greek olive farm
Greek olive farm

example: Fitia foods



Nuts, tree fruit

Example Kentish cobnuts association

Hazelnuts in Kent, UK, with sustainable organic lawnmowers (sheep)
Hazelnuts in Kent, UK, with sustainable organic lawnmowers!

Organic apples UK

organic apple farm, UK
organic apple farm, UK

orchard organic farm

Avocado trees in Peru

FairTrade Avocado trees in Peru
FairTrade Avocado trees in Peru

equalexchange coop building-a-movement-of-small-farmers-in-peruvian-avocados
 (similar to the FairTrade movement)

(video link in the comments :) )

In contrast, suburbia is increasingly a wildlife sanctuary, especially for birds and pollinators. Every thoughtful garden helps.

Somewhat unrelated, a stone from an avocado tha I bought to eat last July is now a 3 foot high bush 🥑😊

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  1. A good video on growing your own avocado tree (and fruit). In an unsuitable climate it's best to grow in a large pot so the plant can be moved into greenhouse, shed, garage or house for protection.

    grow your own avocado tree / bush


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