Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The Jewel at our fingertips - poem

The Jewel at our fingertips

When i long to write, but ...

“I'd better do this first

and that”

The years go by, and guess what
and that
never end.

I ought to do this
and that,
but I'd better write first

There's lorries squeezing past the mountains of parked cars

collecting refuse and recycling

'We bought these last week,' she says.

'Now we can buy some more,' he adds.

The stress is palpable

The vacant eyes

There’s a televisual drug

painting over the imagination

the capacity to feel

to remember

to create

the symbolic life

All those demands – out there – in the world

hinder blinder
‘me first’

ponder wonder
 the soul’s thirst

Must catch the news – about somebody else, somewhere else doing something else

for someone else, their life dictated by someone else, voted for by someone else,

advertised by someone else, broadcast on something else to serve another someone else,
 funded by a different someone else motivated by something other than what they claim … probably

A motorway is being built underneath a new airport

to relieve the queues of queues of those believing life is out there

something else, somewhere else

Meanwhile …

this Jewel of Life in the known universe

faces its energetically-engineered climate change disaster
‘We’ll build a billion extra cars

Electric ones sell faster’

It’s good to write in pencil

with the window open
The dawn chorus is a 3D surround-sound masterpiece – again


except by you

Tags:  meaningful poems, climate change, songs of hope, consumerism


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