Tuesday, 30 July 2019

comic oil paintings: mad aristocrat

Introducing Count Backwards von Hundred
comic oil paintings: mad aristocrat
comic oil paintings: mad aristocrat

An oil painting of the obsessive mathematician for the short satire story featuring Sigmund Freud's little-known elder sister - Sigmundina Freud; the discover of bosom envy.

 Check the pecs in your local gym and you'll see what she means :)

Count Backwards von Hundred lives in the mountains near the famed psychoanalyst Countess Sigmundina Freud of The Castle, Extravagant Cake Mountain, Nr. Vienna (but not very), Austria.

 Countess Sigmundina Freud is the elder sister of the lesser (though more ambitious) analyst Sigmund Freud.

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  1. An older but goody Dr. F.....oh,for the good old days...

    1. There's a new label that might interest you, Lord D:

      paintings and photos .

      I'll repost our poems, stories etc, but intermingled with new work, and probably update the stories. I mean, The Vampires of Trumpilvania will be livid if we don't mention them ...

  2. I'm working on the resurrection right now. I wrote a tune yesterday, and so thing not entirely like poetry is under 'construction'

  3. 'so thing' !?

    I expect I meant "something". The tune is ~ fully written. Now i'm learning how to use my new multitrack recorder to make a reasonable arrangement ...


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