Sunday, 28 July 2019

Funny/Satirical Poem - Thank God for the Martians

Thank God for the Martians
They are keeping me sane
Martians don't answer back
And they shoulder the blame

They all receive benefits
No intention to work
They have stolen our jobs
And it's my turn to shirk

Now they own all the shops
You think I should rejoice?
They're the cheapest by far
So I don't have a choice!

You wunt 'ear 'em speak proper
They're the wrong shade of green
They are not good to touch
You don't know where they've been

Thank God for the Martians
I feel I'm in their debt
They make me feel better
But I don't know why, yet

While I'm hating the Martians
The likelihood's slimmer
Of, even by accident,
Confronting the mirror 

Tags:  projection, meaningful poems, racism, consciousness, self knowledge

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