Wednesday, 17 July 2019

productivity and health - Erich Fromm

From the book "The Fear of Freedom" by Erich Fromm. First published in UK in 1942, and still (even more?) relevant:

"In all spontaneous activity the individual embraces the world. Not only does (their) individual self remain intact; it becomes stronger and more solidified. For the Self is as strong as it is active.

There is no genuine strength in possession, as such, neither of material property nor of mental qualities like emotions or thoughts. There is no strength in the use and manipulation of objects; what we use is not ours simply because we use it.

Ours is only that to which we are genuinely related by our creative activity, be it another person or inanimate object."


"(Man) misses the only satisfaction that can give real happiness - the experience of the activity of the present moment - and chases illusions ..."

This written decades before the phenomena of wall to wall 'entertainment' / advertising ...

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