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The best diet for YOU - healthy food research

Video - The best diet for YOU

One of the best studies I've seen on finding a healthy diet for each individual, focusing on blood glucose levels after each meal.
gut microbes, genetics, lifestyle and food all affect blood glucose levels

Not only are we all different, but unwise choices can mess up our digestive biome, including heavily advertised 'food'. Sweeteners being a classic example. If the seller profits from what they are advertising - be suspicious.

Diet and lifestyle are creating epidemics of ill-health, particularly diabetes, fatty liver disease and obesity.

"Experts" (some qualified, some not so) give such conflicting advice about "the best diet".

"What is the best diet?" turns out to be the wrong question, assuming it only depends on the food.

Your best diet depends on the food and you.
blood glucose, insulin, hunger and fat storage

gut microbes, lifestyle, genetics and current state of health all play a part in the behaviour of our digestive system.

This research choose 'blood glucose changes after a meal,' as the metric to follow. With recent technical developments, they are now able to measure a persons glucose level continuously for a whole week.

The conclusions:

We each need to find out which foods are safest for us, and which to avoid.

Our digestion, general health and digestive biome / gut health vary over time and this may change our 'optimum' diet.

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  1. Eye eet be foods heavy in fats and sugar what gives ya yer health. Me mither eight that whey an grew to 20 stone and were Rosy cheeked an healthy she was. Lived to be age 98 she did. I'm thinkin she might have lived longer if'n she hadn't smoked 2 packs a day. I always tried to tell her that 1 pack was all that's need fer health I did.

  2. Very droll, sir.

    The keto diet, lots of fat, is surprisingly excellent for weight loss. Provided we avoid sugar and refined carbs. I've had to adopt the diet for health reasons, and even I'm losing weight - I certainly don't need to ...


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