Saturday, 27 July 2019

the diamond inside poem

He's trapped for life in a mortgage

and the lenders feel superior

mundane, unsatisfying job

multinational, offshore capital,

no security,


Global forces,

Phantom choices,

Low-grade pain,

the gain game

Every lunch break, almost joy 

15 minutes, he makes sure

he feels alive, his unique project

not quite music

not quite song

his muse

decades too late he realises

his toxic wife was a script he was given

A life, of sorts, not of his choosing


She's trapped for life in caring

it seems everybody - takes

the absentee father plays with his Harleys

believing women are forming a queue

for him

sees an abused pal failing

and feels ... huge

decades too late, she realises

she never knew choices

but 15 minutes every day was her project

not quite ‘author’

not quite ethnic



Both sigh, another day…

the same town, another day ...

in different chains, another day ...

but is it?

Their projects complete

neither science nor art,

but a doorway of sorts

There's feeling

there's wonder

no rules, no fame

there's patterns

there's colours

no judge, no blame

the crystals complete

their diamond inside

the world at their feet

their jewel to hide

they sense something in common,

but choose not to speak

the soul is inside,

not 'out there' on the street

Tags:  songs of hope  meaningful poems  creativity  philosophers stone

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